Join Our Team!

The Valhalla Ambulance Corps was chartered in 1961 to provide ambulance service to Valhalla and North White Plains. Currently, we serve the Valhalla and North White Plains Fire Districts boundaries and provide support on major roadways including the Taconic State, Bronx River, and Sprain Brook Parkways. In addition, we have a mutual agreement to assist our neighboring communities if their own ambulances become unavailable.

We ask that all members commit to a minimum of 192 hours a year, which averages out to 16 hours a month. We take our commitment seriously and expect you to do the same. When scheduled for a shift, you are expected to be ready and able to respond to ambulance calls at any time during that shift. If you are unable to fulfill your scheduled shift, it is your responsibility to get another member to cover that shift for you.

We hold regular General Membership meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. We urge you to be present at these meetings so you can be sure to have your questions answered and hear the thoughts, ideas, and concerns of other members. Communication is very important to us for shift scheduling, training, and other important issues. We urge you to read all communications sent to you to keep up to date on the latest information.

There are many opportunities you can take advantage of, such as training opportunities (i.e. CPR, First Aid, Stop The Bleed). These trainings take place at our building and there are many other opportunities at outside agencies. Once you are a member, you could even have the cost of the EMT course reimbursed.

There are 3 types of applications available.
  1. Active Member Application: For those who are willing and able to become or currently are EMTs, Emergency Vehicle Operators, or a Third (an extra set of hands on the ambulance). You would be responsible for ensuring the ambulance meets NYS requirements and responding to all 911 calls dispatched for our agency.
  2. Jr. Corps Application: For those who are 16-18 years old and are looking to get volunteer hours for school and/or get a first glimpse into the world of prehospital medicine.
  3. Associate Member Application: For those who do not want to ride on the ambulance but would like to still volunteer. You can help out with administrative functions, building maintenance, or serve on the Board of Directors.

Once you complete and turn in your membership application, you will be contacted by our Membership Committee. Upon being accepted by our Committee, you will be accepted to the Corps for a minimum probationary period of six (6) months. Throughout this period, the Membership Committee will evaluate your progress with you, the officers, and the members.

Complete and return this membership application, along with copies of:

  • Your Driver’s License (all parts)
  • Any current certifications and licenses
  • Your completed physical fitness form
  • All forms and affidavits signed and dated